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Animator with over five years of experience delivering 2D animation for a established characters and series. Successful storyteller with a proven ability to create, develop and execute a storyline independently. Adept at optimizing videos and interactive animations for efficient use of data and a satisfying experience for the audience. Exceptional written and verbal skills enabling clear communication with team members and other stakeholders. Fast learner who maintains current knowledge on new technology, trends and emerging platforms. Passionate about engaging audiences through innovation and unconventional thinking.




  • Story Art

  • Cinematography

  • Story Pitching, Writing

  • Video Editing

  • Short Form Videos

  • Animation

  • Toon Boom Harmony

  • Storyboard Pro

  • Adobe Animate, Flash

  • Adobe: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro





Rooster Teeth -  January 2016 - September 2019

2D Animator

  • Created 10 new animated shorts for “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures” (RTAAs) under the guidance of a director at about three minutes of animation for every two days.

  • Improved story telling with composition and staging, character acting and posing, and effects for series including “Camp Camp”, “Nomad of Nowhere”, “Sex Swing”, and RTAAs.

  • Animated 1,000 to 1,500 frames per week during peak production periods of “Camp Camp”.

  • Modeled and rigged characters in ToonBoom Harmony.

  • Worked closely with the animation team to update character models, props, and rigging.

  • Implemented guidance from the art manager, art leads, designers, and producers.

  • Worked independently on day-to-day assignments and received instruction on new projects.

  • Developed and executed a variety of real-time, biped and quadruped animations.

Awesome Inc - January 2020 - December 2020

2D Animator

  • Responsible for creating clean character key animation with strong posing and acting for other animators to inbetween.

  • Inbetweened key animation done by other animators in a collaborative setting, adding texture to movement while creating an appealing flow of action and enhancing acting.

Titmouse  - February 2021 - May 2021

Retake Animator

  • Retimed, reanimated, and created new drawings for shots that came in from overseas studios for “Bless the Harts” with input from a retake director.

  • Compositing of shots in ToonBoom Harmony for effects such as shadow, lighting, and tone.


Shadowmachine - May 2022 - October 2022

Retake Compositor

  • Added lighting, shadows, and additional character effects to ground them to the shots for the show “Little Demon”

  • Created various visual effects for use on the show, particularly magical effects ranging from rays and lightning to liquids



Savannah College of Art and Design -  2015

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation, Minor in Storyboarding


“Zodiac Run” was an official selection at multiple film festivals (FF) including Fargo Fantastic FF, Orlando FF, Philadelphia Asian American FF, and Big Mini Media Festival.


Chair’s Select Award at the Savannah College of Art and Design at Senior Animation Showcase

Red Dot Junior Award: Animation 2016-2017

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