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Gabriel Silva is an animator and story artist currently living in Austin, TX.

Their work is geared towards telling a story by bringing characters to life in both subtle and dynamic ways. They are hard-working, quick-learning, and enjoys working with others through collaboration.

Gabriel worked as an animator at Rooster Teeth where they gained experience animating and modeling and rigging characters for shows such as Camp Camp and Nomad of Nowhere. Their storyboarding skills were very useful on productions such as Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures, which they also animated on.

Gabriel attended the Savannah College of Art and Design and graduated with a BFA in animation and a minor in storyboarding in 2015.

Their hobbies include collecting art books, playing musical instruments such as the ukulele and piano, in-depth analysis of the relationship between emerging technology and various entertainment forms, talking about cute things, and looking at birds.



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